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Gemini Nonionic Surface Active Agent

Short Description:

Gemini nonionic surfactant SM-2BF-9015​ Characteristics:1.Strong excellent dispersion property;2.Strong emulsifying property;3.Electrolyte resistance property;4.Strong colloidal protection property ;5.Strong biodegradability property.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Gemini nonionic surfactant SM-2BF-9015


    Sample name Emulsifier SM-2BF-9015
    Test project Standard Result
    Appearance Colorless viscous liquid
    Content% 90±2 90.5
    Water% 10±2 9.5
    Water solubility Easily dispersed in water Meet
    PH Value (1% water solution) 6.5-7.5 Meet
    HLB Value 13-14 13-14
    Cloud point 85-90 85-90
    surface tension (0.1%)


    25-30 29

    Note: 0.1% means: take this product 0.1g and soluble in 100 g water.


    1.Strong excellent dispersion property;

    2.Strong emulsifying property;

    3.Electrolyte resistance property;

    4.Strong colloidal protection property ;

    5.Strong biodegradability property.

    Application :

    1.Used as a pesticide emulsifier;

    2.Used as ink production auxiliaries;

    3.Used as a hard surface cleaning agent;

    4.Used as oil field chemical auxiliaries;

    5.Used as a auxiliary agent for papermaking;

    6.Used as wetting permeating agent;

    7.Used as an emulsifier;

    8.Used as a component in the compound system of emulsification, dispersion, wetting process.




    Q1:Can you supply samples?
    Yes, Simo can supply you samples for free charge.

    Q2:What’s your payment term?

    Usually L/C, T/T, D/P, D/A, it is determined by our negotiation.

    Q3:Can you customize product?

    Yes, Simo can supply you products according to your requirement.

    Q4:Which country are your customers mainly distributed in?

    Russia, America, UAE, Saudi Arab and so on.

    Q5:Industry research and development

    Every year, the company hires famousdomestic andforeign expertsof petroleumindustry to guide and teach the factory.And newenvironmental cementing and drilling additives are being developed and upgraded by our R&D team.

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    Email:  office-3@ sm-chemistry.com


    As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for gemini nonionic surface active agent, we always pay high attention to quality and performance. Offering samples freely, we warmly welcome you to buy our quality products made in China. Don’t hesitate to enjoy our low price and excellent service any more.

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