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Good Quality Protective Disinfectant 100ml

Short Description:

Protective Spray Disinfectant (no washing type),kill 99.999%germs,and 99.99% virus.

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Protective Spray Disinfectant with FDA certificate


Spray disinfection of hands (do not wash), clothes, shoes, hats and other surfaces, suitable for pre-disinfection before going out, anti-virus bacterial infection and before going home spray disinfection of the whole body.



1. It meets the safety standards of China, the European Union and the United States’s Medical.
2.It can effectively kill the H1N1 influenza virus.

3. A wash – free disinfectant integrating disinfection and protection

4. Moisturize the skin without irritation

5. Bactericidal disinfection, durable anti – virus

6. Portable



Spray directly on areas or surfaces that need to be sterilized


Product information :

1. Appearance: transparent liquid

2. Smell: natural

3. Effective content: 0.3%

4. Scope of use: hand (do not wash), clothing, shoes, hats and other surface

5. Specification: 100ml/Bottle


Attention :

Avoid entering the mouth and eye.

Packing and storage :

100ml/ bottle, in a cool and dark place.


If you are interested pls contact me:

Sales:Elsa Wang


Mob: +86 15857536024

Wechat: +86 15857536024




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